Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages clothing do you accept and sell
A: We operate with clothing for babies and kids between ages of 0 to 5yrs

Q: Do you take toys, baby accessories, or maternity wear?
A: Other than sleep suits and swaddles, we are not looking to expand yet to toys and maternity wear, however Happy Baton are taking toy donations, and Retykle are taking certain maternity items. Please contact them for more information.

How do people donate?
A: There is a drop off point in Central and in Mui Wo, or if I have time I can meet in person to collect. Please contact me on WhatsApp and we can find the easiest option for you. You can find more info on the donation page.

Q: Do I get a commission for items I donate?
At the moment there is no commission. We work off a donation bases, and turn clothing donations into cash donations, with a portion of sales going to a HK based charity.

Q: What do you do with the items of clothing that you aren’t able to sell for example if they are stained or broken?
A: We ask that all donated clothes are in decent condition. If we receive clothes that are not wearable, we plan to put them in clothing bins/textile recyclers or can return to the owner if they wish.